[Are you poisoned if you eat the eggplants?

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]_ Will it be poisoned _ Features

[Are you poisoned if you eat the eggplants?
]_ Will it be poisoned _ Features

Eggplant is a vegetable that the public likes very much. It is often used in our diet and cooking, and the taste of eggplant is very delicious, which is acceptable to many people. Although the eggplant is delicious, it is almost eaten raw.No, because eggplant contains a kind of alkali, eating too much can cause discomfort to the body. Let’s take a look at it. Will it be poisoned if the eggplant is not cooked thoroughly?

Eggplant is a popular vegetable that everyone loves.

The meat is smooth, the cooking methods are diverse, and the energy density is very low. Although it is not a dark vegetable (only the skin is dark, and the meat is not), the nutrition is not very proud, but it is very popular., Can be described as love for all ages.

Many friends choose to eat less-familiar eggplants for the sake of freshness.

Such eggplants contain higher levels of solanine than mature eggplants.

Speaking of another name, everyone is no stranger to it, that is, dragon sunflower prime.

Solanaceae vegetables belong to the genus Solanaceae. The solanine content in germinated potatoes is one level higher than that of eggplants, so potatoes have a “famous name”.

In addition to the relationship between solanine and maturity, there are other influencing factors.

According to experimental determinations, the solanine content of fruits is significantly higher than that of stems, leaves and other organisms; the solanine content of the flesh is much higher than that of the peel and pedicle; the solanine content of purple eggplants exceeds that of green eggplants.

Excessive ingestion of solanine will indeed cause poisoning. The symptoms of poisoning are mainly itching in the throat, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, etc. In severe cases, tinnitus, dehydration, coma, fine pulse, and sleepiness may occur.

But do n’t worry. The overall solanine content in eggplants is calculated based on the highest varieties. About 450 grams of this high solanine eggplant each time can cause unpleasant reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

It is difficult to reach this amount every day.

If there is really a shortage due to eating too much eggplant, it is likely that it was caused by improper selection of eggplants and too much.