Walking is a healthy zero deposit round

01/08/2020   |   by admin

Walking is a healthy “zero deposit round”

When it comes to fitness, many people immediately think of morning exercises in the park, dancing, Tai Chi, doing aerobics, going to the gym, and then thinking of swimming, playing basketball, running, etc. These are of course good fitness methods, as long as there are conditionsIf you have time, you can take whatever you want.
In fact, walking is also a fitness method, but we don’t pay special attention to it.
  It is the easiest and most economical. It can be said that it is a zero deposit for health. At present, many people in the city are special cars, taxis, and buses. If you are afraid to take one more step, if the pace of life is not too tight,Walking is really good for us.
Roughly speaking, for fitness, walking has at least three major benefits.
  From a medical point of view, taking advantage of your stride, you will gain strength and health.
A famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, Cao Tingdong, said in Lao Lao Heng Yan: “If you sit for a long time, you will have a stagnation of the veins, and when you walk calmly, you will be physically fit and vigorous.
“It’s true that walking can achieve this effect, especially if you stick to it often, for years.
From a psychological perspective, walking outdoors can help you eliminate all kinds of troubles.
American psychologist Sarah?
Snolas’ test report states that people only need to hold their heads for a while to get their spirits up.
This is because walking can make the seventh instinct of human beings that should be in life but lost invisibly-the natural instinct of movement is re-inserted into life, so the body and spirit are full of vitality and vitality.
At the same time, when you are upset, you can exercise immediately, which can transfer the brain’s excitatory focus, so that the excitatory center of the brain is transferred from the left brain to the cerebral cortex motor area and the right cerebral hemisphere, which controls the spatial orientation, and the cerebellum, which governs the body’s balance function.The main company logical thinking, the left and right hemisphere of the calculation of gains and losses were suppressed, so feelings of anxiety and depression were also forgotten and relieved.
  What’s more important is that once the left brain is temporarily inhibited, the brain regions in the main movement, especially the right hemisphere, not only secrete happy hormones, but also promote the body to secrete hormones that were originally lacking in the cerebral nervous system., Which makes people feel refreshed.