[Do you want to put eggs in dumplings]_Egg fillings_How to make

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[Do you want to put eggs in dumplings]_Egg fillings_How to make

Dumplings are the traditional cuisine of the Chinese nation. Many people think of making dumplings during the holiday season. Different fillings can be placed in the dumplings. However, during the production process, attention should be paid to the modulation of the fillings to ensure the good taste of the dumplings.Some people like to eat vegetarian stuffing, but they have to worry about whether to put eggs in the county, because the eggs do not know whether they belong to 荤 or vegetarian.

So, do you want to put eggs in dumplings?

[Carrot Dumplings]Roast the carrots, chop and chop + salt + minced celery + oil + vegetarian essence, and make a filling, then you can put in small dumplings.

It is also necessary to say that when eating carrot-filled dumplings, buns should not be dipped in vinegar, because acid can destroy carotene.

[Cabbage and Mushroom Dumpling]1: Wash and chop the Chinese cabbage, put some salt, and yard it for 10 minutes. Squeeze out the water and set aside.

Chopped shiitake mushrooms and chopped olives.

Mix the other ingredients first, add the mushrooms and add oil, and the salt can taste into the dumplings you like.

[Cabbage carrot dumplings]Chopped cabbage (Chinese cabbage), small carrots, diced mushrooms, peanuts (or no), fried steamed buns and oil, a small amount of fried dough sticks, ginger, thirteen, salt[Cabbage blackFungus dumplings]carrots, cabbage (most servings), shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, fine vermicelli (all broken and mixed with salad oil and salt and stir well, without frying)[Cabbage tofu dumplings]5, 6 mushrooms or mushrooms (such asYou can also prepare more if you like), about 250 grams of tofu, half a piece of cabbage, add salt, soy sauce, and sesame oil and mix well.[Zucchini dumplings]Zucchini after shredding, squeeze water;Shuifa fans are chopped. Ginger chopped minced evenly and stir together before adding cooked oil (note: fans can be soaked in cold water. Do not use hot water to affect the taste). The subsequent production process and cabbageThe stuffing is the same, the key is to mix the dishes with oil before adding salt.

[Celery Dumpling]1. Remove the old stems and old leaves of celery (some young leaves can be left), wash them and boil them in a boiling water pot for more than 20 seconds, then remove the minced squeezed water 2. Chopped tofu skin,Add 1 tablespoon of peanut oil to the pan, add a few peppercorns and sauté it. Remove the tofu skin and stir-fry in the oil. Add a few drops of soy sauce, and then take it out.[Assorted dumplings]1. Wash the mushrooms.Then cut into pieces, shred carrots and squeeze water, chopped coriander, chopped green beans or young corn kernels in boiling water, chopped ginger 2 and, if you like strong flavor, fry the mushroom in oilAnd add a few drops of old soda out of the pot and mix with other vegetables in turn, add salt, add sugar, add peppercorn powder and mix well. If you like the original flavor, you don’t need to fry, just mix the vegetable filling with oil and mix the seasoning.That’s it.